Reverse engineering

It is the analysis of an already installed product or system whose technical, design or operation information is incomplete or non-existent.

We obtain the necessary information and we generate new documentation to follow current regulations.

The in situ study of systems allows to detect deficiencies and opportunities of improvement.

Energy efficiency management

Combustion systems analysis from an energy standpoint and to follow current regulations.

We offer advice on technical decisions and finding most appropriate solutions for the improvement of facilities, in order to obtain the best performance.


We offer maintenance services in order to improve the productivity, the profitability and the safety of the installations.

SORTEK plans and carries out the maintenance of systems to minimize incidents and downtime. The aim is to ensure optimal performance, maximizing efficiency and productivity.

Manufacture of spare parts

We have a workshop for the manufacture of spare parts to suit the specific needs of our customers.

We are specialist in the manufacture of parts subjected to high temperature:

  • Air-gas burners
  • Oxygen-gas burners
  • Water-cooled parts made out of copper
  • Corrosion resistant pipes for gas extraction

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