Innovation is a key feature in order to acquire competitive advantages.

We are committed to innovation and development of new technologies, systems and tools that allow us to move forward, face challenges and reach new horizons.

We offer our customers R&D services in the fields of energy and efficiency to develop innovations that bring added value to companies.

Our model of R&D is based in open innovation with the collaboration of technology centres and public institutions that allows SORTEK to multiply its innovative capacity and access funding. We have a highly qualified multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in industry and in the development of new products.

Our goal is to provide specialized high value-added solutions tailored to our customers’ need.


1. Power generation system using industrial waste heat.

Steelmaking and foundry are energy intensive industries where large energy losses take place. SORTEK has detected the needs of these sectors and has devised an innovative power generation system adapted to the processes.

2. Cooling systems for cooper parts subjected to high temperature.

Large water flows are used in steelmaking to cool parts exposed to heat. SORTEK analyses different cooling system in order to develop a system with low energy consumption in pumping water.